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Loïc Dachary


Loïc Dachary has been involved with Free Software since 1987 when he -started distributing GNU tapes to the general public in France. His first -contact was with GNU Emacs and in 1989 with GCC which he used to port a -Unix System V kernel to a embeded motorola 68030 motherboard. He -currently works as a developer -for OutFlop, a company providing services -and software to operate poker rooms. He -created Savannah, the GNU forge, in -2001 to provide a Free alternative to proprietary forges. As a president -of FSF France, he provides technical and legal resources to French Free -Software developers. Loic Dachary is also a honorary member -of APRIL since 1996, a French non-profit -dedicated to Free Software with over 5,500 members.


Loïc Dachary has been involved with the Free Software Movement since +1987, when he started distributing GNU tapes to the general public in +France. In 2012, he founded Upstream +University, a nonprofit with the goal of teaching developers how to +contribute easily and efficiently. Dachary volunteers as a developer +for April, a grassroots organization +promoting Free Software. He maintains April's OpenStack cluster and organizes +contributions with agile methods. As President +of FSF France, he also provides technical +and legal resources to French Free Software developers. His day job is to use +and contribute to Ceph within OpenStack.

Mark Galassi