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Bradley Kuhn (bkuhn) - 8 years ago 2014-12-02 20:40:46
Conservancy Supporter headers & their placement.
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@@ -45,25 +45,27 @@ Other payment methods  to become an annual supporter:
    BROOKLYN, NY 11201-3548<br/>
    Please write <q>SUPPORTER PROGRAM</q> and your t-shirt size in the memo line. 
    </div><!-- /.toggle-content -->
</div><!-- /.toggle.unit -->

<p><a href="/donate">Other Ways to Donate</a></p>
<!-- Flattr end -->


<div style="align:left;width:80%;">
  <h1>Become a Conservancy Supporter!</h1>
  <h1><img alt="Become a Conservancy Supporter!" img="/img/conservancy-supporter-header.png"></h1>

<img src="/img/conservancy-supporter-heart.png" alt="" style="float:right;" />
<p>Software Freedom Conservancy is an essential organization to free and
open source software. We are the home of over
<a href="">30 projects</a> like 
Inkscape, Samba, Wine, Selenium, the Linux Compliance project, PyPy and
Sugar Labs just to name a few. Conservancy is a "fiscal sponsor plus",
providing everything that our projects need in a nonprofit. We help our
projects defend their trademarks, manage their assets, handle donations,
improve their community management, manage risk and assist them with all
legal needs they may have. While we do receive a portion of the revenue
donated to our projects, we keep that number low enough that it doesn't
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