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Brett Smith (brett) - 7 years ago 2017-01-02 16:20:13
supporter: Women's shirts, not ladies' shirts.

Signed off by Karen.
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@@ -109,14 +109,14 @@ This partial accepts these optional parameters:
            <option value="MenL">Men's L</option>
            <option value="MenXL">Men's XL</option>
            <option value="Men2XL">Men's 2XL</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesS">Standard Ladies' S</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesM">Standard Ladies' M</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesL">Standard Ladies' L</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesXL">Standard Ladies' XL</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesS">Fitted Ladies' S</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesM">Fitted Ladies' M</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesL">Fitted Ladies' L</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesXL">Fitted Ladies' XL</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesS">Standard Women's S</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesM">Standard Women's M</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesL">Standard Women's L</option>
            <option value="StandardLadiesXL">Standard Women's XL</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesS">Fitted Women's S</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesM">Fitted Women's M</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesL">Fitted Women's L</option>
            <option value="FittedLadiesXL">Fitted Women's XL</option>
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