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<h3 id="gpl-software">GPL’d software</h3>
<p>Software that has been released under the terms of the <acronym title="General Public License">GPL</acronym>.</p>

<h3 id="linux-kernel">Linux kernel</h3>
<p>A kernel is the heart of an operating system, which all computerized devices, like smart TVs, require in order to function. The Linux kernel is one of the most popular operating system kernels.</p>

<h3 id="right-to-repair">right-to-repair software</h3>
<p>The ability to repair the software on your device in the same way you can repair the physical aspects of your tools. Software Freedom Conservancy asserts that this right is overlooked and needs additional legal protections (as the <acronym title="Federal Trade Commission">FTC</acronym> has agreed with) to protect consumers. Software Freedom Conservancy focuses specifically on the right to software repair; other great organizations like the Repair Association focus on the right to hardware repair. The two rights go hand-in-hand in our modern world where nearly all electronic devices also have small computers inside them.</p>

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