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<p>In order to join, projects need to meet certain criteria.  A rough
  outline of those criteria are as follows:</p>

<ul><li>The project must be a software development or documentation
    project.  Non-software projects to advance the cause of software
    freedom, while important and useful, are beyond the scope of
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      &ldquo;proof of concept&rdquo; implementation are generally not

<p>While any project meeting the criteria above can apply, meeting these
  criteria doesn't guarantee acceptance of your project.  Conservancy
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@@ -236,7 +236,8 @@ seventy languages.</p>

<h2><a href="">PyPy</a></h2>

<p>The PyPy project aims to provide:
<p>The PyPy project aims to provide:</p>

<li>a common translation and support framework for producing
implementations of dynamic languages, emphasising a clean
@@ -245,7 +246,6 @@ aspects.</li>
<li>a compliant, flexible and fast implementation of the Python Language
using the above framework to enable new advanced features without having
to encode low level details into it.</li></ul>

<h2><a href="">Samba</a></h2>

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   Conservancy spends these funds on the project's behalf on any expenses
   that constitute appropriate activity under Conservancy's 501(c)(3)
   not-for-profit mission.  Some typical uses of earmarked donations by
   Conservancy's member projects are:
   Conservancy's member projects are:</p>

<li>funding travel expenses for project developers to attend relevant
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<li>FLOSS license enforcement and compliance activity.</li>


<h2>Asset Stewardship</h2>

<p>Conservancy can hold any assets for the project on its behalf.  This
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