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@@ -262,13 +262,13 @@ than the Minimum for a period of at least sixty days, Conservancy
may, after at least thirty days notice to Project, unilaterally appoint
new Members from the Project community to replace any unreachable
Members and/or to increase the Committee composition to the required

\item \textbf{An Elected Oversight Committee.} The \signatories, each
a hereto, shall initially [FIXME: form or comprise] the 
a signatory hereto, shall initially [FIXME: form or comprise] the 
\leadershipbody as a Project Committee (``Committee'') to 
represent the Project in its official communication with Conservancy.  The
Committee shall hereafter be elected by community members of the Project as
designated by the Committee or a subcommittee of the Committee (the 
``Community Members'').  

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