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  need to donate in native currency from your country and we’ll discuss

<h3 id="employer-matching">Employer Matching!</h3>

<p>If you work for a company based in the USA, your company may have a
   donation matching program for 501(c)(3) charities.  Please contact your
   HR, Personnel, or charitable giving department and ask!  If you need
   assistance in talking with your company about this, please don't hesitate
   to ask us!</p>

<h3>Donate a portion of your eBay sales</h3>

<p>Through the eBay/PayPal Giving Fund program, you can <a href="">donate a portion of your eBay sale proceeds to Software Freedom Conservancy</a>.  You can also <a href="">donate directly through the PayPal Giving Fund</a>.</p>
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