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<h1>Project Membership Application FAQs</h1>

<p>The following are various questions that we typically get from project
  leaders that wish to apply to Conservancy.</p>


<h2>I sent in my inquiry letter and/or application a long time ago.  Why haven't you replied?</h2>

<p>Conservancy receives an overwhelming level of interest and we have very few
  <a href="">staff positions</a> to
  meet the interest and demand
  for <a href="">Conservancy's
  services</a> to its member projects.  Meanwhile, Conservancy always
  prioritizes needs of
  its <a href="">existing member
  projects</a> over new inquiries and applications.  Therefore, it
  sometimes can take quite a while to finish the application process and
  be offered membership, but please note that such delays mean that should
  your project ultimately become a member project, your project will then
  be a beneficiary of this policy.</p>

<h2>What are the key criteria our project must meet to join?</h2>

<p>In order to join, projects need to meet certain criteria.  A rough
  outline of those criteria are as follows:</p>
<ul><li>The project must be a software development or documentation
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