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@@ -11,45 +11,44 @@ New York State.  Below, Conservancy makes available these filings for
public inspection, in reverse chronological order:</p>

<li>Fiscal Year 2011
<p>Conservancy's FY 2011 ended on 2012-02-29.  Conservancy's current filing
  deadline for FY 2011 Form 990 and CHAR-500 is 2013-02-01.</p>

<p>Specifically, Conservancy's initial deadline for the was 2012-07-16.
  The <a href="{29B7D0B8-0C86-4F99-A910-E30D59E4DCF7}&orgid=40-39-09&title=Extension&project=Charities">IRS
  and NYS granted</a> Conservancy's
  <a href="{2E621422-4DBA-4FC9-9BD1-5633ADD1F3A4}&orgid=40-39-09&title=Extension&project=Charities">application</a>
  for a three-month filing extension until 2012-10-15.  On
  2012-09-25, the IRS additionally granted a second three-month filing
  extension until 2013-01-15.  Finally, the <a href=";-Return-Filing-and-Tax-Payment-Deadline-Extended-to-Feb.-1,-2013">IRS unilaterally granted
  deadline extensions for all counties impacted by Hurricane Sandy</a> until 2013-02-01.</p>
<li>Fiscal Year 2012 (from 2012-03-01 through 2013-02-28)
<p>For FY 2012, Conservancy's due date for filing its Form 990, CHAR 500, and related paperwork is currently 2013-07-15.</p>
<li>Fiscal Year 2011 (from 2011-03-01 through 2012-02-29)
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_annual-report_fy-2011.pdf">FY 2011 Annual
    Report (PDF)</a> (<a href="/docs/conservancy_annual-report_fy-2011.odp">source in ODP format is also available</a>).</li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_Form-990_fy-2011.pdf">FY 2011 Federal Forms 990 &amp; 990-T (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_CHAR-500_fy-2011.pdf">FY 2011 New York State CHAR-500 (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_independent-audit_fy-2011.pdf">FY 2011 Independent Auditor's Report (PDF)</a></li>
<li>Fiscal Year 2010
<li>Fiscal Year 2010 (from 2010-03-01 through 2011-02-28)
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_Form-990_fy-2010.pdf">FY 2010 Federal Form 990 (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_CHAR-500_fy-2010.pdf">FY 2010 New York State CHAR-500 (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_independent-audit_fy-2010.pdf">FY 2010 Independent Auditor's Report (PDF)</a></li>
<li>Fiscal Year 2009
<li>Fiscal Year 2009 (from 2009-03-01 through 2010-02-28)
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_Form-990_fy-2009.pdf">FY 2009 Federal Form 990 (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_CHAR-500_fy-2009.pdf">FY 2009 New York State CHAR-500 (PDF)</a></li>
<li>Fiscal Year 2008
<li>Fiscal Year 2008 (from 2008-03-01 through 2009-02-28)
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy-form-990-fy-2008.pdf">FY 2008 Federal Form 990 (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy-CHAR-500-fy-2008.pdf">FY 2008 New York State CHAR-500 (PDF)</a></li>
<li>Fiscal Year 2007
<li>Fiscal Year 2007 (from 2007-03-01 through 2008-02-29)
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_Form-990_fy-2007.pdf">FY 2007 Federal Form 990 (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_CHAR-500_fy-2007.pdf">FY 2007 New York State CHAR-500 (PDF)</a></li>
<li>Fiscal Year 2006
<li>Fiscal Year 2006 (from 2006-03-01 through 2007-02-28)
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_CHAR-500_fy-2006.pdf">FY 2006 New York State CHAR-500 (PDF)</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy_Form-1023.pdf">Form 1023, as filed in
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@@ -20,11 +20,9 @@
  convenient to intermix the document with code.</p>

<p>Conservancy's Logo is also licensed
  under <a href="">CC-By-SA-3.0
  Unported</a>.  A <a href="/img/conservancy-logo_7000x6960.png">high
  quality PNG</a> and an <a href="/img/conservancy-logo.svg">SVG</a>
  version are available.  We would like to
  thank <a href="">Fabian A. Scherschel</a>, who
  designed the Conservancy logo.</p>
  under <a href="">CC-By-SA-3.0
  USA</a>.  A <a href="/img/">Conservancy
  logo package in ZIP format is available, which includes high quality SVG,
  PNG and other formats</a>.</p>

{% endblock %}
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@@ -69,24 +69,9 @@ of  <a href="">the Public Patent Foundation</a>.
  the <a href="">&ldquo;Free as in Freedom&rdquo;

<h1>Directors Emeriti</h1>


<h2>Paul Visscher - Compliance Engineering &amp; System Administration Contractor</h2>

<p>Paul Visscher was first exposed to the Free Software Movement in late
1997. Paul has been a professional system administrator for most of his
adult life, focusing primarily on GNU/Linux based systems.  He began
contracting with the Software Freedom Law Center on Compliance Engineering
in December 2009 and continued his Compliance Engineering work with the
Conservancy beginning in October 2010. He is actively involved in his
local GNU/Linux user group, as well various local programming groups.  He
is a former Chief Webmaster and a former volunteer system administrator
for the GNU project.</p>

<h1>Directors Emeritus</h1>

<p><em>Directors Emeritus of the Software Freedom Conservancy are former
<p><em>Directors Emeriti of the Software Freedom Conservancy are former
    members of Conservancy's <a href="/about/board/">Board of
    Directors</a> who continue to support Conservancy's mission and
    occasionally advise Conservancy.</em></p>
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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ h3 { margin-top: .6em; margin-bottom: .4em; }
/*  background-color: #BDD8A2; */
/*  background-color: #92cc58; */
/*  background-color: #b5cd9d; */
  background-color: #afe578;
  background-color: #ffffff;
  border-bottom: 1px solid #808080;
#conservancyheader h1 {
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ h3 { margin-top: .6em; margin-bottom: .4em; }
#logobutton {
  display: block;
  position: absolute; left: 17px; top: 10px; height: 120px; width: 440px;
  position: absolute; left: 17px; top: 10px; height: 120px; width: 933px;
  background: url(/img/conservancy-header.png)  left center no-repeat;


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