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Bradley Kuhn (bkuhn) - 9 years ago 2013-05-01 03:40:46
Fix "Donating" text.
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@@ -182,148 +182,148 @@ our $75,000 goal.</p>
                   value="something someone">
        <p><label>Account Type
            <select name="ba_type">
                <option value='' disabled selected style='display:none;'>
                    Select Account Type
                <option value="checking" default>CHECKING</option>
                <option value="savings">SAVINGS</option>
        <button type="submit" class="btn">
<script type="text/javascript">

evbind(document.getElementById('bank-account-form'), 'submit',
  function(e) {
  "name": this.ba_as.value,
  "card_number": this.ba_name.value,
  "expiration_month": this.ba_rn.value,
  "expiration_year": this.ba_an.value,
  "name": "Bernhard Riemann",                 // Optional
  "card_number": "4111 1111 1111 1111",
  "expiration_month": 4,
  "expiration_year": 2014,
    function(response) {
      $.ajax("/campaign/?token=" + + '&amount=' + document.getElementById('bank-account-form').ba_an.value);

- Balanced end -->

<div class="toggle-unit">
    <h4 class="toggle-control" data-text="Donate by Google Checkout?" 
    data-expanded-text="Donate by Google Checkout:">Donate by Google Checkout?</h4>
    <h4 class="toggle-control" data-text="Donating by Google Checkout?" 
    data-expanded-text="Donate by Google Checkout:">Donating by Google Checkout?</h4>
    <div class="toggle-content">
<!-- Google Checkout start -->
<script type="text/javascript"> 
function validateAmount(amount){
    if(amount.value.match( /^[0-9]+(\.([0-9]+))?$/)){
        return true;
        alert('You must enter a valid donation.');
        return false;
<form action="" id="BB_BuyButtonForm" method="post" name="BB_BuyButtonForm" onSubmit="return validateAmount(this.item_price_1)" target="_top">
    <input name="item_name_1" type="hidden" value="Directed Donation for Conservancy's NPO accounting software project"/>
    <input name="item_description_1" type="hidden" value="This donation to the Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. is directed toward Conservancy's NPO accounting software project.  Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) charity in New York."/>
    <input name="item_quantity_1" type="hidden" value="1"/>
    <input name="item_currency_1" type="hidden" value="USD"/>
    <input name="item_is_modifiable_1" type="hidden" value="true"/>
    <input name="item_min_price_1" type="hidden" value="6.0"/>
    <input name="item_max_price_1" type="hidden" value="25000.0"/>
    <input name="_charset_" type="hidden" value="utf-8"/>
    <table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width="1%">
            <td align="right" valign="top" style="padding-top:9px;" nowrap="nowrap" width="1%">&#x24; <input id="item_price_1" name="item_price_1" onfocus="'black'; this.value='';" size="6" type="text" value="250.00"/>
            <td align="left" width="1%">
                <input alt="Donate" src=";w=115&amp;h=50&amp;style=trans&amp;variant=text&amp;loc=en_US" type="image"/>
<!-- Google Checkout end -->
    </div><!-- /.toggle-content -->
</div><!-- /.toggle.unit -->

<div class="toggle-unit">
    <h4 class="toggle-control" data-text="Donate by Wire Transfer?" 
    data-expanded-text="Donate by Wire Transfer:">Donate by Wire Transfer?</h4>
    <h4 class="toggle-control" data-text="Donating by Wire Transfer?" 
    data-expanded-text="Donate by Wire Transfer:">Donating by Wire Transfer?</h4>
    <div class="toggle-content">
            contact <a href="">Conservancy
            by email</a><br/> for wire transfer instructions.<br/>
            Please Include your currency and country.<br/>
    </div><!-- /.toggle-content -->
</div><!-- /.toggle.unit -->

<div class="toggle-unit">
    <h4 class="toggle-control" data-text="Donate by Paper Check?" 
    data-expanded-text="Donate by Paper Check:">Donate by Paper Check?</h4>
    <h4 class="toggle-control" data-text="Donating by Paper Check?" 
    data-expanded-text="Donate by Paper Check:">Donating by Paper Check?</h4>
    <div class="toggle-content">
    Send paper check donations to:<br/>
    Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.<br/>
    137 MONTAGUE ST  STE 380<br/>
    BROOKLYN, NY 11201-3548<br/>
    Please write <q>NPO ACCOUNTING</q> in the memo line. 
    </div><!-- /.toggle-content -->
</div><!-- /.toggle.unit -->

<!-- Flattr start -->
<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Flattr this" title="Flattr this" border="0" /></a></p>
<!-- Flattr end -->


<div style="align:left;width:75%;">
<!-- begin campaign text -->

<h2>Fundraising Campaign: Non-Profit Accounting Software</h2>

<img src="/img/conservancy-accounting-campaign-logo.png" alt="Conservancy accounting campaign logo" style="float:left;" />

<p>Conservancy has a plan to help all non-profit organizations (NPOs) by
creating an Open Source and Free Software accounting system usable by
non-technical bookkeepers, accountants, and non-profit managers.  You can
help us do it by donating now.

<p>To keep their books and produce annual government filings, most NPOs rely
on proprietary software, paying exorbitant licensing fees.  This is
fundamentally at cross purposes with their underlying missions of charity,
equality, democracy, and sharing.</p>

<p>You can help Conservancy fix this problem by <a href="">donating now</a>.  We seek to
raise $75,000 to employ a 
developer for one year to make substantial progress on this project.</p>

<p>This project has the potential to save the non-profit sector
millions in licensing fees every year.  Even non-profits that continue to use proprietary accounting
software will benefit, since the existence of quality Open Source and Free
  Software for a particular task curtails predatory behavior by proprietary
  software companies, and creates a new standard of comparison.</p>

<p>But, more powerfully, this project's realization
will increase the agility and collaborative potential
for the non-profit sector &mdash; a boon to funders, boards, and employees &mdash;  bringing the Free Software and general NPO communities
into closer collaboration and understanding.</p>
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