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@@ -57,14 +57,14 @@ software development and documentation.</p>
  commercially.  Finally, like most organizations devoted to FLOSS,
  Conservancy opposes the notion of patents that cover software, and urges
  contributors to its member projects not to apply for patents.</p>

<p>Conservancy strives to be as transparent as possible, and makes
  its <a href="/about/filings/">public filings available on its website</a>.
  Bradley M. Kuhn, Conservancy's President, <a href="/blog/">blogs
  regularly</a> about Conservancy's activities.
  Our staff <a href="/blog/">blog
  regularly</a> about our activities.
  Finally, <a href="/members/">detailed information about the work that
  Conservancy does for its member projects</a> is also available.</p>

<p>If you have general questions about Conservancy and its
  work, <a href="/about/contact/">contact information</a> is available.
  Conservancy is primarily supported by <a href="/donate">your charitable
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