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@@ -58,13 +58,13 @@ software projects for over 20 years.  He acted as the leader of the
Debian project for two years, served on the board of the Open Source
Initiative (OSI) for six years and currently serves on the board of
Software Freedom Conservancy.  Martin earned a PhD from the University
of Cambridge and he received an O'Reilly Open Source Award in 2013 for
his contributions to the open source community.</p>

<h2>Karen Sandler - Secretary</h2>
<h2>Karen Sandler - Executive Director</h2>
<a id="karen"></a>

<p>Karen M. Sandler is Executive Director of Conservancy.  She was previously
  the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation.  In partnership with the
  GNOME Foundation, Karen co-organizes the award winning Outreach Program for
  Women.  Prior to taking up this position, Karen was General Counsel of the
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