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supporter: Add Chinese translation of Principles as accomplishment.
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@@ -299,6 +299,8 @@ the GPL, seeking non-litigious resolutions in accordance with our <a href="/copy

<li>We <a href="/contractpatch/">launched a new initiative called ContractPatch</a> to help provide information and understanding about employment agreements.</li>

<li>We <a href="/news/2016/nov/23/compliance-principles-chinese-translation/">published “Principles of Community-Oriented GPL Compliance” in Chinese,</a> thanks to a translation by Kaiyuanshe.</li>

<li>We <a href="/blog/2016/jun/06/openchain-spec/">commented on the OpenChain specification</a> to help make sure that the initiative by companies to collaboratively come up with standards and shared materials around compliance also meets community expectations about how compliance obligations are satisfied.</li>

<li>We supported, helped coordinate, and financially backed volunteers from 
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