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   contributed 279.653 lines of code to the latest Linux 3.19 kernel, and
   thus ranks 20th amongst the 1,340 developers involved in that release.
   Christoph also ranks 4th among those who have reviewed third-party source
   code, tirelessly corrected and commented on other developers'

  <dt>Are the court documents released?</dt>
  <dt id="court-documents">Are the court documents released?</dt>

  <dd>Not currently.  Court proceedings are not public by default in Germany
  (unlike in the USA).  Conservancy will continue to update this FAQ with
  information that Conservancy knows about the case.  We would all also
  welcome an agreement with VMware whereby both sides would agree to publish
  all Court documents. </dd>
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 before filing this litigation.</p>

  <dt>Can you explain further how VMware incorporated code from Linux into
  their kernel?</dt>

  <dd>Conservancy prepared this diagram to show the technical situation as we
  <p id="diagram">
    Conservancy prepared this diagram to show the technical situation as we
    understand it.  The diagram compares the technical architecture of a full,
    running Linux kernel with a full, running VMware kernel:
      <a href="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_en.png">
    <img class="inside-faq" alt="[Diagram of Linux and VMware running kernels]" src="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_en_scaled.png" /></a>
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