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pandemic was upon us, and that event was an amazing success.  We reached out and welcomed non-FOSS licensors who seek to use
<a href="">copyleft for social justice</a> to begin dialogue.  To this day, it remains the
only <a href="">discussion</a> of its kind, and the <a href="[]=subject%3A%22copyleftconf2020%22">videos</a> are
still available for your virtual viewing.  We plan to turn
Copyleft Conf 2021 into a year-long series of online sessions about issues in copyleft
as we look hopefully forward to an in-person Copyleft Conf 2022.</p>

<div class="picture left" style="clear: right;">
  <img src="/img/2020-01-17_bkuhn_lca-2020.png" alt="Bradley on stage at LinuxConf Australia 2020">
  <p><a href="/about/staff/#bkuhn">Bradley M. Kuhn</a>, delivering a <a href="">talk with Karen</a> at LCA 2020. Photo copyright &copy; by Linux Australia, licensed <a href="">CC BY-SA</a></p>

<p>We participated in many exciting events organized by others. Before travel was canceled, we  presented multiple talks at LCA and on the FOSDEM main stage, helped organize the Legal &amp; Policy DevRoom at FOSDEM, spoke to students and faculty at Oxford University, ran a workshop at Open Source 101 and delivered keynotes at CHAOSScon, Git Merge and the OpenUK Healthcare event. Once in-person events were no longer possible, we participated in many virtual events, including GUADEC, DebConf, ÖzgürKon and State of the Source. Our Executive Director was a featured speaker at VentCon, a conference urgently organized in May for folks working on FOSS projects for ventilators at a time when making sure that hospitals had enough access to ventilators to treat the surge in COVID-19 patients was a top concern.</p>
<p>We also remain ready to continue our work of helping to sponsor travel for our member projects and their events when travel becomes safe again. Before we ceased our conferences and travel, we funded over $60,000 worth of travel to important events, on pace for what could have been one of our biggest travel sponsorship years.  We invested remaining travel funds into improving online infrastructure and planning
for how to keep FOSS engaged without these essential in-person events.</p>

<h3 id="HelpUs">Help Us Continue our Mission</h3>
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