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@@ -164,43 +164,49 @@ just begun and they need your support and help to succeed.</p>
<h3 id="NewMembers">New Member Projects and New Board Member</h3>
<div data-read-more="Read more about our new member projects and board member&hellip;">
<p>In 2020, Conservancy welcomed two important new projects.  The <a href="/news/2020/jul/21/ICRjoins/">Institute for Computing in Research</a> runs a mentoring program designed to bridge inequities in tech by training teenage students to do rigorous scientific research using free software. <a href="/news/2020/sep/10/openwrt-joins/">OpenWrt</a> is a critical FOSS wireless router project that demonstrates the long lasting positive  results of strategic GPL enforcement. We also recognize that communities change over time. In addition to adding new projects, we took the time this past year to sunset some of our projects that no longer had a charitable focus.</p>
<p>We were also pleased to welcome <a href="/news/2020/jan/03/arandal/">Allison Randal</a>, a steadfast advocate of software freedom, to our Board of Directors.</p>

<h3 id="Events">Events and Conferences</h3>
<div data-read-more="Read more about our events and conferences&hellip;">
<p>FOSS events and conferences have always been an essential component of FOSS,
but this year, the pandemic thwarted our usual event system an infrastructure.
Conservancy has been at the center of transitioning events to online formats for
both our  member
projects and other third party  other FOSS conferences and event groups.  People around the world took huge losses in travel and event
cancellations, but we were adept.  We acted early and saved tens of thousands for
our member projects by negotiating with canceled venues.  We quickly adjusted
our travel policy to handle pandemic refund procedures, and we posted those changes publicly for other organizations to benefit.  When it&rsquo;s safe and healthy for everyone to travel again, we plan to organize Copyleft Conf, SeConf, and the dozens of in-person hackfests.  Meanwhile, we have and will continue to
help our projects cancel or reschedule their events and, as we did for our member projects like Racket and Selenium, to operate as virtual events this year.</p>
<p>We were lucky that Copyleft Conf 2020 was timed before the
pandemic was upon us, and that event was an amazing success.  We reached out and welcomed non-FOSS licensors who seek to use
<a href="">copyleft for social justice</a> to begin dialogue.  To this day, it remains the
only <a href="">discussion</a> of its kind, and the <a href="[]=subject%3A%22copyleftconf2020%22">videos</a> are
still available for your virtual viewing.  We plan to turn
Copyleft Conf 2021 into a year-long series of online sessions about issues in copyleft
as we look hopefully forward to an in-person Copyleft Conf 2022.</p>

<div class="picture left" style="clear: right;">
  <img src="/img/2020-01-17_bkuhn_lca-2020.png" alt="Bradley on stage at LinuxConf Australia 2020">
  <p><a href="/about/staff/#bkuhn">Bradley M. Kuhn</a>, delivering a <a href="">talk with Karen</a> at LCA 2020. Photo copyright &copy; by Linux Australia, licensed <a href="">CC BY-SA</a></p>

<p>We participated in many exciting events organized by others. Before travel was canceled, we  presented multiple talks at LCA and on the FOSDEM main stage, helped organize the Legal &amp; Policy DevRoom at FOSDEM, spoke to students and faculty at Oxford University, ran a workshop at Open Source 101 and delivered keynotes at CHAOSScon, Git Merge and the OpenUK Healthcare event. Once in-person events were no longer possible, we participated in many virtual events, including GUADEC, DebConf, ÖzgürKon and State of the Source. Our Executive Director was a featured speaker at VentCon, a conference urgently organized in May for folks working on FOSS projects for ventilators at a time when making sure that hospitals had enough access to ventilators to treat the surge in COVID-19 patients was a top concern.</p>
<p>We also remain ready to continue our work of helping to sponsor travel for our member projects and their events when travel becomes safe again. Before we ceased our conferences and travel, we funded over $60,000 worth of travel to important events, on pace for what could have been one of our biggest travel sponsorship years.  We invested remaining travel funds into improving online infrastructure and planning
for how to keep FOSS engaged without these essential in-person events.</p>

<h3 id="HelpUs">Help Us Continue our Mission</h3>
<p>We know this year brought unforeseen financial challenges.  Some of you have
faced unemployment, and many others are underemployed right now due to the
pandemic.  As you think about where to route your limited charitable
dollars this year, we ask that you think about how far your donation goes with Conservancy.  We&rsquo;ve remained a small, agile organization (some
even have called us scrappy) precisely because we have the most experienced
non-profit management team in FOSS.  We couldn&rsquo;t have predicted the
pandemic, but we did plan for the worst.  We&rsquo;re frugal, careful, and we plan ahead, so you can know that every
dollar you give to Conservancy is used to support critical work.  While companies sell
you products this end of year season, we offer you a chance to donate to something much bigger. By becoming a Conservancy Supporter, you can put
your money to work fighting for the freedom and rights of all software
{% endblock %}
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