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Bradley M. Kuhn - 23 months ago 2020-12-04 19:33:04
Move photos around and don't use Karen photo.

Karen photo was actually the *really old* shirt which isn't available
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@@ -216,8 +216,8 @@ users.</p>
<div data-read-more="Would you like a last chance to receive a vintage Conservancy t-shirt?  Find out how&hellip;">

<div class="picture-tiny left">
  <img src="/img/conservancy-t-shirt.jpg" alt="Karen wears the vintage t-shirt!" />
  <p><a href="/about/staff/#karen">Karen M. Sandler</a> wears the vintage t-shirt.</p>
  <img src="/img/2019-08-26_Neil-alone_GUADECSupporterNight.jpg" alt="Neil McGovern, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, wears the vintage t-shirt!" />
  <p>Neil McGovern wearing that stylish vintage shirt!</p>

<p>If you're a Supporter, you've already received or will soon receive a t-shirt in our 2018 design shown here, but
@@ -236,11 +236,6 @@ we on staff all shared the post office trips, but we all have different COVID-19
slowly.  We appreciate the patience of our Supporters waiting for t-shirts, and we do have plan to safely send out
the backlog by years' end.</p>

<div class="picture-tiny left">
  <img src="/img/2019-08-26_Neil-alone_GUADECSupporterNight.jpg" alt="Neil McGovern wears the vintage t-shirt!" />
  <p>Neil McGovern, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, wearing that stylish vintage shirt!</p>

<p>As part of those preparations, we found a treasure trove and now have an exciting promotion for renewing
Supporters.  We found an old stash of <strong>vintage t-shirts</strong>, in the old style!  Supplies are limited,
but for those few supporters who would like to receive one, we have a special offer.  Supporters who give
@@ -253,7 +248,7 @@ $512 or more in 2020 can receive one of these vintage t-shirts!  To claim your v
      address and date(s) of your donation(s) that total $512 and your desired size.  (We have at least a few of all sizes in stock, but supplies are limited; we cannot necessarily guarantee your size selection, but we'll update here as sizes run out.)</li>

<div class="picture-tiny right">
<div class="picture-tiny left">
  <img src="/img/scaled-LLW-2015-Conservancy-Supporters-by-Carlo-Piana-CC-0.jpg" alt="Zack, Karen, John and Jim pose, mostly wearing the vintage t-shirt!" />
  <p>Vintage-shirt-wearing Supporters post with Karen! <br/>From left: Stefano &ldquo;Zack&rdquo; Zacchiroli, Karen M. Sandler, John Sullivan, and Jim Wright</p>
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