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<h2>Fundraising Campaign: Non-Profit Accounting Software</h2>
<h2>Non-Profit Accounting Software</h2>

<img src="/img/conservancy-accounting-campaign-logo.png" alt="Conservancy accounting campaign logo" style="float:left;" />

<p><strong>Update on 2014-12-03:</strong> As can be seen, Conservancy sadly
  never reached our fundraising target for this project.  However, as we
  promised below, we <a href="">continue to
  work on this project</a>.  We'd really appreciate more donations, as we've
  needed to make a lot of compromises in our plans since we didn't reach our
  fundraising goal.  We did complete Phase 0 described below
  (<a href="">results are on our wiki</a>),
  and Phase 1 now comprises the development of an REST API for double-entry
  accounting  which many applications (including this one) can use.</p>
<p>Conservancy has a plan to help all non-profit organizations (NPOs) by
creating an Open Source and Free Software accounting system usable by
non-technical bookkeepers, accountants, and non-profit managers.  You can
help us do it by donating now.

<h3>What is the Non-Profit Accounting Software Project?</h3>

<p>To keep their books and produce annual government filings, most NPOs rely
on proprietary software, paying exorbitant licensing fees.  This is
fundamentally at cross purposes with their underlying missions of charity,
equality, democracy, and sharing.</p>

<p>You can help Conservancy fix this problem by <a href="#donate-box" class="donate-now">donating now</a>.  We seek to
raise $75,000 to employ a 
developer for one year to make substantial progress on this project.</p>

<p>This project has the potential to save the non-profit sector
millions in licensing fees every year.  Even non-profits that continue to use proprietary accounting
software will benefit, since the existence of quality Open Source and Free
@@ -283,13 +267,6 @@ will increase the agility and collaborative potential
for the non-profit sector &mdash; a boon to funders, boards, and employees &mdash;  bringing the Free Software and general NPO communities
into closer collaboration and understanding.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for <a href="#donate-box" class="donate-now">helping us</a> develop Free Software to benefit all
non-profit organizations, and the 
populations they serve.</p>

<p>Donors of $500 or more will be acknowledged in the THANKS file and other
  appropriate places in the codebase itself.</p>

<p><a href="#endorsements">Endorsers of this effort</a> include April, Fractured Atlas, The Free Software
Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, GNOME Foundation, OpenHatch, Open
Source Initiative,, and Software in the Public
@@ -356,83 +333,6 @@ Foundation</a>, The <a href="">GNOME Foundation<
  and Conservancy therefore believes a solution that handles fiscal sponsors
  will also handle the simpler case as well.</p>

<h3>The Plan</h3>

<p>Conservancy proposes to hire a software developer for one year to
  accomplish the first two phases of this project.  Conservancy seeks to
  raise $75,000 toward this project to help cover salary and benefits for a
  full-time staffer to work on this project.  We ask that you give generously
  via the donation buttons on this page to support our work.</p>

<h4>Phase 0</h4>

<p>Some Free Software accounting systems do exist.  A previous informal
  survey of these systems that Conservancy conducted in 2007 led us to the
  conclusion that, in general, these systems were heavily geared toward
  for-profit endeavors, ignored the unique needs of NPOs generally, and
  were completely hopeless for the specific needs of a fiscal sponsoring
  organization.  Conservancy's assessment at the time was that these
  challenges could be addressed only with a large rewrite of one of these
  systems.  Conservancy chose
  <a href="">Ledger CLI</a> precisely because
  it provided flexibility and configurability not present in any other Free Software
  double-entry accounting system.</p>

<p>However, while that previous informal survey informs Conservancy's
  existing hypothesis that Ledger CLI is the right base system here,
  Conservancy will first test that hypothesis.  The first phase of this
  project (estimated to last approximately 6-8 full-time weeks) will produce
  a written survey of all known Free Software accounting systems, and
  indicate what challenges exist to adapt such systems for the needs of
  NPOs.  The <a href="">Free Software Foundation</a> has
  pledged their help in the evaluation of SQL-Ledger,
  and <a href="">the GNOME Foundation</a> has pledged their
  help in the evaluation of <a href="">GNUcash</a> (which they
  currently use, respectively).</p>

<h4>Phase 1</h4>

<p>Phase 1 of the project will select the preferred codebase from Phase 0,
  and improve that system to create a basic accounting system for
  small-to-medium sized USA NPOs (i.e., Form 990-filers) &mdash; including fiscal
  sponsors &mdash; with the following features:
<li>Basic accounts payable/receivable (with invoicing)</li>
<li>Tracking and reporting of non-profit income types (related business
  income, unrelated business taxable income, donations, etc.)</li>
<li>Basic backup documentation tracking for expenses and payments</li>
<li>Basic bank statement reconciliation reporting</li>
<li>Basic annual audit preparation reporting
  (A <a href="">prototype
  of this portion is already complete</a> and has been relied on for
  real-life audits; but the prototype is just a hack and needs to be
<li>Ability to easily handle all these features on a project-by-project
  subset of the accounts, and to easily export and excise that subset from
  the system. (i.e., support for temporarily restricted assets, earmarked for
  fiscal-sponsored projects)</li>
<li>Multi-currency support and reporting</li>

<p>We will consider the first year of this project successful <em>only if all these
  functions can be performed by a bookkeeper who is generally qualified as a
  bookkeeper</em>, but not necessarily familiar with standard Free Software tools
  such as GNU/Linux, Emacs, version control, and command line scripts.  This
  requirement is essential: Conservancy's existing system using Ledger CLI
  already provides sufficient functionality to manage non-profit accounting,
  but our system requires a bookkeeper who is also adept with the
  aforementioned tools already.</p>

<p>Finally, while the first year of work focuses on USA NPO needs,
  Conservancy seeks to lead an international effort, and welcomes
  contributions and input from everyone in the non-profit community from
  around the world.  Conservancy has created
  a <a href="">mailing
  list for discussion of this project</a> and
  a <a href="">Wiki for collaboration</a>  and encourages interested parties
  from around the world to join the mailing list and contribute to the
<h3>Why Conservancy Must Fund This Work</h3>

<p>As it stands, nearly all Open Source and Free Software NPOs either use
@@ -552,31 +452,7 @@ effort; it would let us spend more of our time on programs and less on
paperwork.  I have already personally <a href="#donate-box" class="donate-now">donated</a>.</q> &mdash; Asheesh Laroia,
Executive Director, <a href="">OpenHatch</a></p>

<h3>Some Important Details for this Fundraiser</h3>

<li>Donations made are general donations to the Software Freedom
  Conservancy, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity incorporated in New York.
  Conservancy is committed to doing this work described herein, but cannot
  promise to complete the work if the fundraising goal is not reached.  If
  the fundraising goal is not reached, Conservancy will do its best to make
  progress on the plan above with the resources available.  It's expected
  that work will simply proceed, but more slowly and take more time, if the
  fundraising goal is not reached.</li>

<li>The license for the project is not yet chosen, since Phase 0 might
  prescribe contribution to particular upstream projects, and Conservancy is
  committed to contributing to upstream projects under their chosen license,
  where possible.  However, Conservancy promises that all software that is
  written will be released under a license that is both approved by
  the <a href="">FSF as a Free
  Software license</a> <strong>and</strong> by the OSI as
  an <a href="">OSI-approved license</a>.  New
  documentation that is written will be released under some license
  compatible with <a href="">CC BY-SA 3.0 USA</a>.</li>

<!-- end campaign text -->
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