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@@ -15,25 +15,25 @@ published work, with clear permissions that <em>both</em> grant
<em>and</em> defend its users' freedoms &mdash; in contrast to other
free licenses that grant freedom but don't defend it.
Free software released under the GPL is fundamental
to modern technology, powering everything from laptops and desktops to
household appliances, cars, and mobile phones, to the foundations of
the Internet. Following the GPL's terms is easy &mdash; it gets more
complicated only when products distributed with GPL'd software also
include software distributed under terms that restrict users. Even in
these situations, many companies comply properly, but some companies
also try to bend or even break the GPL's rules to their perceived

<p>The Software Freedom Conservancy leads worldwide efforts to
<p>The Software Freedom Conservancy regularly engages in worldwide efforts to
  ensure compliance with the GPL family of licenses. Conservancy has enforced
  the GPL for many of its member projects since its founding in 2006.  Conservancy also helped
  published, and hosts, <a href=""><cite>Copyleft and the GNU
  General Public License: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Guide</cite></a>
  (often called the &ldquo;Copyleft Guide&rdquo;),
  which includes sections such as
  &ldquo;<a href="">A
  Practical Guide to GPL Compliance&rdquo;</a> and
  &ldquo;<a href="">Case
  Studies in GPL Enforcement</a>&rdquo;.  Those sections explain the typical process
  that Conservancy follows in our GPL enforcement
  actions. (A Shorter descriptions of these processes appeared in <a href="">earlier blog post</a>.)</p>
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