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<h2>Support Conservancy</h2>
<p>As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, Conservancy relies on
  charitable donations for its operations.
  Please join {{supporters_count|safe}} others and <a href="/supporter/"><strong>become a Conservancy Supporter
  today</strong></a> and/or <a href="/donate/">donate generously</a> to help our work!
<h2>Follow Conservancy News &amp; Blogs</h2>

<p>There is a <a href="/feeds/omnibus/">full site feed available</a> (as
  well as separate feeds for the <a href="/feeds/news/">news items</a> and
  <a href="/feeds/blog/">blog posts</a>).  You can follow Conservancy
 on <a href=""> (aka</a>, 
  <a href="">Twitter</a>, <a href="">twitter</a>, <a href="">Google+</a>,
  <a href="">Twitter</a>, <a href="">Google+</a>,
      <a href="">Youtube</a>,
      and probably can be found on whatever social network you prefer.  Look
      for everywhere and follow us!</p>

    <span id="subbox">
        <form method="post" action="">
          You can also subscribe to Conservancy's low-traffic email announce
          (and <a href="">read
          its archives</a>): <br/><input name="email" placeholder=""/><input type="submit" name="email-button" value="Subscribe"/>
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