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Note roughly how many projects are currently waiting.
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<h1> Applying to Join Conservancy as a Member Project</h1>

<p>Conservancy's Evaluation Committee considers  applications monthly on a
  rolling basis.</p>
  rolling basis.  Currently, Conservancy has dozens of projects in
  various stages of the application process.</p>

<p>The application process is somewhat informal.  New applicants should
  write an initial inquiry email
  to <a href="">&lt;;</a>
  with a very brief description of their project and a URL to their
  project's website.  We'll send back initial questions (if any), and
  after those questions are answered, we'll send the full application
  materials.  Applications should be submitted in plain ASCII text via

<p>Projects are reviewed by Conservancy's Evaluation Committee, which is
  chartered by Conservancy's <a href="/about/board/">Board of
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