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@@ -246,17 +246,17 @@ so we can stand up for the GPL together.</p>

<p>Please <a href="#donate-box" class="donate-now">join our Supporter program</a> and spread software freedom!</p>

<br clear="left"/>

<p>Right now, Supporter donations are matched by
<href="">Private Internet
<a href="">Private Internet
  Access</a>, <strong>and</strong> donations from those at who
attended <a href="">LinuxConf Australia 2016</a> will
  receive an <strong>additional</strong> second match from a separate
  anonymous donor</p>
  anonymous donor!</p>


<div class="supporter-type-selector">
  <strong>Become a Supporter Now:</strong>   <a id="annualSelector" href="#annual">Annual</a> | <a id="monthlySelector" href="#monthly">Monthly</a> | <a id="renewalSelector" href="#renewal">Annual Renew</a></div>
<div id="annual" class="supporter-type-selection">
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