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  features such as a messaging server, shared calendars, contact
  databases, public folders, notes and tasks.</p>

<h2><a href="">PyPy</a></h2>

<p>The PyPy project aims to provide:
<li>a common translation and support framework for producing
implementations of dynamic languages, emphasising a clean
separation between language specification and implementation
<li>a compliant, flexible and fast implementation of the Python Language
using the above framework to enable new advanced features without having
to encode low level details into it.</li></ul>

<h2><a href="">Samba</a></h2>

<p>Samba is a FOSS suite that provides seamless file and print
services to SMB/CIFS clients, namely, to Microsoft Windows. Samba is
freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows
for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based
clients.  Samba is software that can be run on a platform other than
Microsoft Windows. For example, Samba runs on Unix, GNU/Linux, IBM
System 390, Solaris, Mac OS X, and OpenVMS, among others. It is
System z, Solaris, Mac OS X, and OpenVMS, among others. It is
standard on virtually all distributions of GNU/Linux and is commonly
included as a basic system service on other UNIX-based systems as
well. Samba uses the TCP/IP protocol that is installed on the host

<p>One of the key goals of the project is to remove barriers to
interoperability. Samba is a software package that gives network
administrators flexibility and freedom in setup, configuration, choice
of systems, and equipment. Samba is released under the GPL.</p>

<h2><a href="">Selenium</a></h2>

<p>Selenium is a suite of tools for browser automation. It is composed of
&ldquo;IDE&rdquo;, a recording and playback mechanism,
&ldquo;WebDriver&rdquo; and &ldquo;RC&rdquo; which provide APIs for
browser automation in a wide variety of languages, and &ldquo;Grid&rdquo;,
which allows many tests using the APIs to be run in parallel. It works
with most browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,
Safari and Opera.</p>

<h2><a href="">Squeak</a></h2>

<p>Squeak is a modern, open source, full-featured implementation of
the powerful Smalltalk programming language and environment. Squeak is
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