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@@ -297,13 +297,13 @@ first case on derivative works and the GPL. Christoph's case <a href="/news/2016

<li>We conducted friendly discussions with companies out of compliance with
the GPL, seeking non-litigious resolutions in accordance with our <a href="/copyleft-compliance/principles.html">Principles</a>. We <a href="/news/2016/nov/03/linux-compliance-agreements/">published our template agreements</a> and held two <a href="">feedback</a> <a href="/blog/2016/oct/27/feedback-gpl/"> sessions</a> to evaluate and improve our compliance efforts. We also worked with other community members to <a href="/blog/2016/jul/19/patrick-mchardy-gpl-enforcement/">bring clarity to international activities around GPL compliance</a> and help make the ecosystem safer for free software adoption. We stayed committed to providing <a href="/blog/2016/feb/25/zfs-and-linux/">straightforward analysis about the GPL</a>.</li>

<li>Our Executive Director, Karen Sandler, <a href="/news/2016/feb/23/FOSSA-testimony/">testified to the New York City Council Committee on Contracts in favor of the Free and Open Source Software Act and the Civic Commons Act</a> which would increase the use of free and open source software by New York City departments and agencies. Karen later in the year also <a href="/news/2016/oct/26/karen-sandler-oscon-eu-2016/">taught kids in London about free software</a>.</li>

<li>We <a href="/blog/2016/aug/04/everything-is-negotiable/">launched a new initiative called ContractPatch</a> to help provide information and understanding about employment agreements.</li>
<li>We <a href="/blog/?tag=ContractPatch">launched a new initiative called ContractPatch</a> to help provide information and understanding about employment agreements.</li>

<li>We <a href="/blog/2016/jun/06/openchain-spec/">commented on the OpenChain specification</a> to help make sure that the initiative by companies to collaboratively come up with standards and shared materials around compliance also meets community expectations about how compliance obligations are satisfied.</li>

<li>We supported, helped coordinate, and financially backed volunteers from 
  our member projects to organize seven conferences in three continents, where thousands of
  attendees learned about free and open source software.</li>
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