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@@ -478,25 +478,26 @@ Foundation</a>, The <a href="">GNOME Foundation<
  bookkeeper</em>, but not necessarily familiar with standard Free Software tools
  such as GNU/Linux, Emacs, version control, and command line scripts.  This
  requirement is essential: Conservancy's existing system using Ledger CLI
  already provides sufficient functionality to manage non-profit accounting,
  but our system requires a bookkeeper who is also adept with the
  aforementioned tools already.</p>

<p>Finally, while the first year of work focuses on USA NPO needs,
  Conservancy seeks to lead an international effort, and welcomes
  contributions and input from everyone in the non-profit community from
  around the world.  Conservancy has created
  a <a href="">mailing
  list for discussion of this project</a> and encourages interested parties
  list for discussion of this project</a> and
  a <a href="">Wiki for collaboration</a>  and encourages interested parties
  from around the world to join the mailing list and contribute to the
<h3>Why Conservancy Must Fund This Work</h3>

<p>As it stands, nearly all Open Source and Free Software NPOs either use
  proprietary software, or fully outsource their bookkeeping and accounting
  to third-parties.  Those that don't do so (such as Conservancy and the Free
  Software Foundation) have long complained that existing Free Software in
  this area is inadequate, and have been forced to develop customized,
  one-off solutions in-house to make the systems work.</p>

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