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@@ -61,6 +61,10 @@ issues that nobody else is tackling.  Stand up for the GPL, support great
member projects, and make your voice heard in support of free software.  
<a href="">Donate today</a></i></p>

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<a href="/img/member-project-logos.png"><img height="200" width="150" src="/img/member-project-logos.png"/></a>

The world today is powered increasingly by Free Software. But what many
people don't realize is how much support is needed to keep all of these
projects free and open. The work that we do every day ensures the success and
@@ -68,8 +72,6 @@ the continued freedom of the projects that the developers of our member
projects dedicate themselves to. Projects like Git, Samba,
Wine, BusyBox, QEMU, Inkscape, Selenium, and dozens more

[Link to Logo/Conservancy-project-logos-NASCAR-page.png]

<p>We are asking for you
  to <a href="">join us and become a
    Conservancy Supporter</a> but this is more than our usual annual
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