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@@ -322,25 +322,25 @@ like <a href=""></a>. We gave
interviews, published <a href="/blog/">blog posts</a>, and
Bradley and Karen released episodes of <a href="">Free as in
Freedom</a>, all dedicated to discussing the important issues in software

<p>And we did <strong>all of this</strong> with a tiny staff of only four full time employees.</p>

<p>We are focused on the most important ethical issues in software
freedom. We work tirelessly and don't shy away from difficult issues.</p>

<p>We're a unique organization &mdash; a staunch defender of copyleft (for Linux,
Debian and many of our member projects), a source of education and champions
Debian, and many of our member projects), a source of education and champions
of diversity for the community via Outreachy and other programs, and are the
legal home to 40 member projects that are essential to developing free

<p>We undertake these critical programs because they are essential to the
future of technology. We do them because they are right. <strong>But we cannot do
them without you.</strong> Last year you helped us to fundraising goals that didn't merely keep us running, but even let us <a href="/news/2016/aug/22/brett-joins/">hire a new employee</a>. Yet even this staffing level isn't enough to handle our existing workload.</p>

<p>Our fiscal sponsorship model is not financially self-sustaining by itself:
we cannot afford even one staff member and basic overhead with the revenue we
take in from our projects.  With over 1,000 Supporters, we can now sustain the basic
work and we will survive.  But to thrive, and handle the really complex tasks like
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