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Bdale Garbee joined Eval Committee on 2016-10-15

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@@ -72,12 +72,26 @@ from Los Alamos (where he was previously in the ISR division and the
Theoretical Astrophysics group) to work for Cygnus (now a part of Red Hat)
writing software and books for eCos, although he continued working on the
HETE-2 satellite (an astrophysical Gamma Ray Burst mission) part time. Mark
earned his BA in Physics at Reed College and a PhD from the Institute for
Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook.</p>

<h2>Bdale Garbee</h2>

<p>Bdale Garbee is a technologist and community builder. He has deep
  connections to free and open source software communities, having been an
  early participant in the Debian community and board member of Software in
  the Public Interest for a decade. He also has substantial coporate
  experience in the field, and has recently retired (for the second time)
  from an impressive career at HP/HPE. Garbee also serves on the boards of
  the Freedombox Foundation and Aleph Objects. He is a co-founder of Altus
  Metrum, LLC, is a small business that designs, builds, and sells completely
  open hardware and open source avionics solutions for use in high power
  model rockets. Garbee is a frequent speaker and presence at free and open
  source software events. </p>

<h2>Mike Hostetler</h2>

<p>Mike Hostetler is an inventor, entrepreneur, programmer and proud
father. Having worked with web technologies since the mid 1990's, Mike has
had extensive experience developing web applications with PHP and
JavaScript.  Currently, Mike works as the Founder and CEO of appendTo, LLC,
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