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Links to more conferences.
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<li>We gave keynotes
at <a href="/blog/2015/aug/17/debian/">DebConf</a>, <a href="">FOSDEM</a>, <a href="/blog/2015/jul/14/FISL16/">FISL</>, <a href="/news/2015/mar/31/libreplanet/">LibrePlanet</a>, <a href="/blog/2015/sep/30/linaro-keynote/">Linaro
Connect</a>, and participated in many more conferences all over the world; we also 
and <a href="/blog/2015/dec/16/yir-fosdem-2015/">participated</a> <a href="/blog/2015/dec/12/yir-bkuhn-lca/">in</a>
<a href="/blog/2015/dec/11/yir-karen-lca/">many</a> more conferences all over the world; we also 
shared our expertise in initiatives
like <a href=""></a>. We participated in
interviews and <a href="/blog/">blogposts</a>, and
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