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Bradley M. Kuhn - 13 months ago 2021-10-21 19:43:21
Use typical way of putting the category in a block.

Django is so frustrating as it's never clear about how things trickle
up and down through templates, so move the category to the top like
the others.
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{% extends "base_press.html" %}
{% block subtitle %}Press - {% endblock %}
{% block submenuselection %}VizioPress{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
<h1 id="{% block submenuselection %}VizioPress{% endblock %}">Vizio Lawsuit Press Coverage</h1>
<h1 id="VizioPress">Vizio Lawsuit Press Coverage</h1>

<p>Here are  articles in the press that covered <a href="/copyleft-compliance/vizio.html">our Vizio lawsuit</a>.</p>

<h2 id="Filing">Coverage of the <a href="/docs/software-freedom-conservancy-v-vizio-complaint-2021-10-19.pdf">Complaint</a> filing</h2>

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