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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ strategies that defend FOSS (such as copyleft). <a href="/about" class="orange">
<div class="mt3 mh2-ns mb4 flex-ns">
  <div class="w-70-ns mh2">
<section class="mh0 pa3 bg-light-blue ba b--gray">
<p><img src="img/sfc_holiday_card_2021.jpg"> </p>
<p><a href="img/sfc_holiday_card_video_done_smaller.mp4"><img src="img/sfc_holiday_card_2021.jpg"></a> </p>

    <section class="mv3 ph2">
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  <p><a href="/">Home</a> / <a href="/about">Who We Are</a></p>


<div class="content-with-donate-sidebar" id="formStart">


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<hr style="clear: both;"/>
<p style="text-align:center;"><a href="/img/sfc_holiday_card_video_done_smaller.mp4"><img src="/img/sfc_holiday_card_2021.jpg" width="500"/></a> </p>
<p>Sustainers help us do our work in a strategic, long-term way. We could not
  do this without the support and financial contributions of individuals like
  you. <a href="/sponsors/#sustainers">We list our Sustainers here</a>.</p>



<div class="expandable-section" id="2021-summary">

<p><h3>The wide range of work we engage in is supported by people like you. </h3></p>
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