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@@ -37,26 +37,17 @@ initiatives that actively make technology more inclusive, and advancing policy
strategies that defend FOSS (such as copyleft). <a href="/about" class="orange">Learn more.</a></p>
  <section class="w-30-ns mh2 pa3 bg-light-blue ba b--gray">
    <h2 class="f4 ttu">DMCA Exemptions Won</h2>
    <p>Software Freedom Conservancy's DMCA exemption requests granted for alternate router firmware, copyleft compliance investigation and more</p>
    <a href="/news/2021/oct/28/2021-DMCA-final-exemptions-win/" class="f5 dib pa2 ttu b btn-orange">More information</a>
    <h2 class="f4 ttu">Vizio Lawsuit</h2>
    <p>Software Freedom Conservancy files right-to-repair lawsuit against California TV manufacturer Vizio Inc. for alleged GPL violations</p>
    <a href="/copyleft-compliance/vizio.html" class="f5 dib pa2 ttu b btn-orange">More information</a>

<div class="mt3 mh2-ns flex-ns">
  <div class="w-70-ns mh2">
<section class="mh0 pa3 bg-light-blue ba b--gray">
  <h2 class="f4 ma0 ttu">Trump's Social Media Platform and the Affero General Public License (of Mastodon)</h2>
  <p>Early evidence supports that Trump's Group publicly launched a
&ldquo;test site&rdquo; of their &ldquo;Truth Social&rdquo; product, based on
the <a href="">AGPLv3'd Mastodon software</a>
platform.  When you put a site on the Internet licensed under
    <acronym "Affero General Public License, version 3">AGPLv3</acronym>, the
<strong>requires</strong> that you provide (to <em>every</em> user) an
opportunity to receive the Corresponding Source for the site based on the
AGPLv3'd code.</p>
  <p><a href="/blog/2021/oct/21/trump-group-agplv3/">Read more&hellip;</a></p>
  <h2 class="f4 ma0 ttu">Software Freedom Conservancy's DMCA Exemption Requests Granted</h2>
<p>Software Freedom Conservancy is proud to announce that its efforts to stand up for the rights of FOSS developers have been successful and that it has been granted almost all of the exemptions that it requested in the Librarian of Congress' recent rule making, according to the final rule <a href="">Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies</a>, which was published today.  </p>

    <section class="mv3 ph2">
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