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LCA Match.
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<p>Thank you for being a Supporter of Software Freedom Conservancy!</p>

<p>Will you be in Brussels, Belgium on this Friday 29 January 2016?  If so,
  can <a href="">RSVP
  by emailing &lt;;</a>
  by 27 January 2016 to attend an exclusive Supporter-only cocktail and
  appetizers event on Friday 29 January 2016.  Details of time and location
  will be sent when you RSVP.</p>
<p>Did you attend LinuxConf Australia 2016?  If so, there's a special
  donation match just for you.
  Please <a href="">email us at
  &ldquo;;</a> and tell us, and we can
  add you to that additional match group.</p>
<p>Also, as a Conservancy Supporter, you'll be eligible for future special
benefits, too.  We may contact you by email later to tell you about special
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{% if sitefundgoal.fundraiser_donation_count_disclose_threshold < 632 %}
The next {{ 632|subtract:sitefundgoal.fundraiser_donation_count_disclose_threshold }} supporters
who sign up <a href="/news/2016/feb/01/PIA-match-extended/">by March 1st will count twice</a>, thanks to <a href="">Private Internet Access</a>!
<strong>&amp;</strong> a double-match is available for anyone who attended
<a href="">LinuxConf Australia 2016</a>.
{% endif %}
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