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Bradley M. Kuhn
Add holiday card to banner at top for next few days

Also, fix a few URLs .
from conservancy import render_template_with_context
from conservancy.apps.supporters.models import Supporter as Supporter
from import PressRelease
from import Entry as BlogEntry
from datetime import datetime

def view(request):
    """Conservancy front page view

    Performs all object queries necessary to render the front page.

    now =
    context = {
        'press_releases': PressRelease.objects.all().filter(pub_date__lte=now, sites=2)[:5],
        'supporters_count': Supporter.objects.all().filter(display_until_date__gte=now).count(),
        'blog': BlogEntry.objects.all().filter(pub_date__lte=now)[:5],
    return render_template_with_context(request, "frontpage.html", context)