Location: vmkdrivers/INSTALL.txt

The installation of this package should be performed on an ESXi server.
This server should have SSH access enabled: Customize System/View Logs ->
Troubleshooting Options -> Enable SSH
To install the package create a working directory on a datastore on the
ESXi server, e.g., "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/" and copy the binary
disclosure created by the build:
scp centos-5.3-x64.tar root@esx.example.org:/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/centos-5.3-x64.tar
On the ESXi host, verify the shipped version:
Replace the shipped version with the custom build:
cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/
tar xf centos-5.3-x64.tar
Reboot the system to load the updated drivers.