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Location: vmkdrivers/BUILD.txt

The following assumes the files disclosed for this package have been
copied to the directory "/usr/vmware/src":

rm -rf /usr/vmware/src
mkdir /usr/vmware/src
cp * /usr/vmware/src 

And any commands that need to be executed for the disclosure should be
executed from this directory on a "centos-5.3-x64" system (see the file
"SYSTEMS.txt" for definition of this system).

This package should be built on a "centos-5.3-x64" system.  Please see the
"System Configurations" document for a definition of the configuration
of this system type.

To build this package please execute the following commands:

tar xzf vmkdrivers-gpl.tgz
sh ./
mv BLD/build/
cd BLD/build

If you would like to verify the installation of this package, please
create the binary disclosure file for this package using the command:

tar cvf /usr/vmware/src/centos-5.3-x64.tar -C /usr/vmware/src/BLD/build drivers -C /usr/vmware/src

This file is used in the installation instructions.