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The following assumes the files disclosed for this package have been
copied to the directory "/usr/vmware/src":
Required packages:

rm -rf /usr/vmware/src
mkdir /usr/vmware/src
cp * /usr/vmware/src 
  GNU grep 2.5.1
  GNU sed 4.5.1
  GNU xargs 4.2.27
  mkdir from GNU coreutils 5.97

And any commands that need to be executed for the disclosure should be
executed from this directory on a "centos-5.3-x64" system (see the file
"SYSTEMS.txt" for definition of this system).
These packages are required to be built and installed in their sub-directories,
in this order, as 'root' (see BUILD.txt in each sub-directory):

This package should be built on a "centos-5.3-x64" system.  Please see the
"System Configurations" document for a definition of the configuration
of this system type.

To build this package please execute the following commands:
As 'root', build the vmkdrivers-gpl:

tar xzf vmkdrivers-gpl.tgz
sh ./
mv BLD/build/
cd BLD/build
1) tar xzf vmkdrivers-gpl.tgz

If you would like to verify the installation of this package, please
create the binary disclosure file for this package using the command:

tar cvf /usr/vmware/src/centos-5.3-x64.tar -C /usr/vmware/src/BLD/build drivers -C /usr/vmware/src

This file is used in the installation instructions.
2) chmod +x && ./