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Location: NPO-Accounting/npo-ledger-cli/accounts/org/main-org.ledger

E.g. of invoice for conference w/ split IncomeType

An example of an invoice for a conference where the income type is split
between RBI and Donations. Include a ledger reporting example that
shows the total of donations, and explain in the documentation why
that's useful.
; -*- ledger -*-
; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

!include ../config/config-npo.ledger

2012-02-05 Office Supply Galore - Online Order
        ;Receipt: accounts/documentation/org/receipts/2012-02-05_office-supply-galore.txt
    Expenses:Main Org:Office Supplies         $35.00
        ;Program: Main Org:Overhead
    Liabilities:Credit Card:Visa             $-35.00

2011/05/28 My Bad Billing Hosting - NEVER CHARGED
    Liabilities:Credit Card:Visa            $-100.00
    Expenses:Main Org:Hosting                $100.00
        ;Program: Main Org:Overhead

2012/01/01 My Bad Billing Hosting - REVERSAL - NEVER CHARGED
    Liabilities:Credit Card:Visa             $100.00
    Expenses:Main Org:Hosting               $-100.00
        ;Program: Main Org:Overhead

2012-05-03 Sir Moneybags
        ;Entity: Sir-Moneybags
        ;Program: Main Org:Direct Fundraising
        ;Invoice: accounts/documentation/org/invoices/2012-05-30_moneybags-invoice_as-sent.txt
    Accrued:Accounts Receivable:Main Org  $100,000.00
    Income:Main Org:Donations            $-100,000.00
        ;IncomeType: Donations

2012-07-05 J. Developer
        ;Entity: Developer-J
        ;Invoice: accounts/documentation/org/expenses/developer/2012-07-05_developer-invoice.txt
    Accrued:Accounts Payable:Main Org  $-5,000.00
    Expenses:Main Org:Development       $5,000.00
        ;Program: Main Org:Software:Internal
        ;Statement: accounts/documentation/org/expenses/developer/2012-07-05_developer-report.txt

2012-08-03 (1) J. Developer
        ;Entity: Developer-J
    Accrued:Accounts Payable:Main Org  $5,000.00
        ;Invoice: accounts/documentation/org/expenses/developer/2012-07-05_developer-invoice.txt
    Asset:Checking                    $-5,000.00
        ;TaxImplication: 1099