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Location: NPO-Accounting/npo-ledger-cli/accounts/org/main-org.ledger

Add example that explains very briefly how tagging works in Ledger CLI.

Since this system relies so heavily on tagging, even though we assume the
reader is generally familiar with Ledger CLI, it's worth ensuring they know
the basics of how tagging works.

Also added herein is the example used in the text over to the Ledger file
; -*- ledger -*-
; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

!include ../config/config-npo.ledger

2012-02-05 Office Supply Galore - Online Order
    Expense:Main Org:Office Supplies          $35.00
        ;Receipt: accounts/documentation/org/receipts/2012-02-05_office-supply-galore.txt
    Liabilities:Credit Card:Visa             -$35.00

2011/05/28 My Bad Billing Hosting - NEVER CHARGED
    Liabilities:Credit Card:Visa            $-100.00
    Expense:Main Org:Hosting                 $100.00

2012/01/01 My Bad Billing Hosting - REVERSAL - NEVER CHARGED
    Liabilities:Credit Card:Visa             $100.00
    Expense:Main Org:Hosting                $-100.00

2012-05-03 Sir Moneybags
        ;Entity: Sir-Moneybags
        ;Invoice: accounts/documentation/org/invoices/2012-05-30_moneybags-invoice_as-sent.txt
    Accrued:Accounts Receivable:Main Org  $100,000.00
    Income:Main Org:Donations            $-100,000.00
        ;IncomeType: Donations