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@@ -176,6 +176,25 @@ Some examples of appropriate uses of the `Receipt:` are:

* A pay advice document generated upon payment of an invoice.

#### Invoice Tag

The `Invoice:` tag refers to an actual invoice, either generated by the
organization or received by the organization.  Typically, this is a document
that is a request for payment, rather than documenting an actual payment that
has occurred.  The value of the `Invoice:` tag is always a valid pathname in
the repository to the document.

Some examples of appropriate uses of the `Invoice:` tag are:

* an actual invoice as sent by a vendor to the organization.

* a request for payment sent by the organization to someone else.

* a reimbursement request submitted by an employee, contractor, or volunteer
  for expenses they've already incurred and would like the organization to
  reimburse (e.g., an expense report, requesting for reimbursement of travel

### Expense Account Documentation

Each Expense account entries need to be tagged with an `Invoice`, `Receipt`,