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@@ -261,6 +261,18 @@ relatively simple change to `config-tags.ledger`, though, to support other
income types, or to change it entirely to handle use-cases other than USA
Form 990 filing.

#### Program Tag

The `Program` tag is used primarily to track program activity for `Income:`
and `Expense:` accounts.  This allows for knowing what particular initiative
initiated the income (e.g., a specific fundraising campaign) and/or what
particular program activity an expense is toward (e.g., funding travel to
some specific conference).

The Program tag is always a string with the same format as a Ledger CLI
account (primarily for use with Ledger CLI's `--pivot` and `--group-by`,
[as described later](#testing-program-success).

### Expense Account Documentation

Each Expense account entries need to be tagged with an
@@ -312,6 +324,26 @@ However, going forward, you'd likely never enter anything the ledger
the Expense did/should occur.  This use of `NEVER CHARGED` in the payee is
thus deprecated.

Analysis of the Data

If this methodology is followed, Ledger can be used to analyze the financial
data for the organization.

### Testing Program Success

If you use the [`Program`](#program-tag) tag effectively, you can easily test
the successes of various fundraising programs with a command like this:

    $ ledger -f accounts/books.ledger --pivot Program bal '/^Income/'

Meanwhile, using the  [`Program`](#program-tag) tag for Expenses can help
track what programs are costing with commands like hese:

    $ ledger -f accounts/books.ledger --group-by 'tag("Program")' reg '/^Expense/'

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