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@@ -36,6 +36,14 @@ tag Invoice
; IncomeType refers to the types of income a non-profit can receive.  In this
; example, it's for the categorizations on the USA Form 990.  This could be
; changed to accomodate other jurisdictions around the world.

tag IncomeType
    assert value =~ /^(Donations|RBI|UBTI)$/

; Program tag must match the general format of a ledger account as an
; assertion, but we at least check known names of programs, so that warnings
; are produced if a new program never seen before is encountered.

tag Program
    assert value =~ /[ A-z0-9\-]+(:[ A-z0-9\-]+)*/
    check  value =~ /^(Main Org:(Overhead|Direct Fundraising))$/