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@@ -298,25 +298,25 @@ Barring that, the

#### IncomeType Tag

The `IncomeType:` tag is used for all `Income:` accounts.  This refers to the
type of income.  The value of the `IncomeType:` tag is always a string.
Since this particular system is designed for USA non-profit entities who file
USA Form 990, the following `IncomeType` values are supported:

* `Donations`, which refers to standard charitable donations.

* `RBI`, which refers to "related business income".

* `UBTI`, which refers to "unrelated business taxable income.
* `UBTI`, which refers to "unrelated business taxable income".

Not that donor-advised funds and government grants don't currently have their
own `IncomeType`.  It's possible this might be necessary; the authors aren't
familiar with how to handle those items on the Form 990.  It would be a
relatively simple change to `config-tags.ledger`, though, to support other
income types, or to change it entirely to handle use-cases other than USA
Form 990 filing.

#### TaxImplication Tag

The `TaxImplication:` tag is used for all `Asset:` accounts when the
transaction includes a payment of $10.00 or more leaving the account.  This
@@ -403,25 +403,25 @@ Form 990, [Schedule I]( and

Each account type has different documentation requirements.  Based on the
type of the account, it requires a different set of tags.

When Ledger CLI's `--pedantic` option is used, these rules are enforced by
ledger itself via the configurations found in `config-tags.ledger` and

#### Expense Account Documentation

Each `Expenses:` account entry must be tagged with the following tags:

* One of: [`Invoice:`](#invoice-tag) [`Receipt:`](#receipt-tag), or
* One of: [`Invoice:`](#invoice-tag), [`Receipt:`](#receipt-tag), or
  [`Statement`](#statement-tag).  (The only exception to this rule: an entry
  does not need an `Invoice:`, `Receipt`, nor a `Statement` tag if the
  [payee was never charged](#never-charged-payee).)

* A [`Program:`](#program-tag) tag.

Expense accounts can have the following optional tag:

* A [`GrantLocation:`](#grantlocation-tag) tag.


@@ -564,13 +564,12 @@ propagate, and/or redistribute this software under the terms of either:

In addition, when you convey, distribute, and/or propagate this document
and/or modified versions thereof, you may also preserve this notice so that
recipients of such distributions will also have both licensing options
described above.

A copy of GPLv3 and CC-By-SA-3.0-USA can be found in the same repository as
this file under the filenames GPLv3.txt and CC-By-SA-3.0-USA.txt.  If this
document has been separated from the repository, a
[copy of GPL can be found on FSF's website](
and a
[copy of CC-By-SA-USA-3.0 can be found on Creative Commons' website](

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