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  reimburse (e.g., an expense report, requesting for reimbursement of travel

#### Statement Tag

The `Statement:` tag refers to any sort of written statement received from an
external party (or even perhaps generated internally) that provides document,
insight, or other information about the transaction.  The value of the
`Statement:` tag is always a valid pathname in the repository to the document.

Some examples of appropriate uses of the `Statement:` tag are:

* bank statements, as received from the banking institution.

* written reports of travel.

* blog posts made by a contractor documenting their work.

* written organizational policies about the expense.

* just about anything that is clearly not an [invoice](invoice-tag) nor a
  [receipt](receipt-tag), but definitely is valid backup documentation for
  the transaction.

### Expense Account Documentation

Each Expense account entries need to be tagged with an `Invoice`, `Receipt`,
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