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@@ -268,16 +268,16 @@ The `TaxReporting` tag is an optional tag for `Assets` accounts that debit to
the account.

When provided, the `TaxReporting` tag accompanies a `TaxImplication` information
tag.  The TaxReporting refers to a document that verifies the choice for the
`TaxImplication` tag.  For example, for individual contractors in the USA, a
`TaxImplication` of `1099` would be well served by a `TaxReporting` that
links to a [W-9]( for the individual
links to a [W-9]( for the individual
being paid.  For a individual foreign contractor, the `TaxReporting` might
link to a
for the payee.

### Information Tags

In contrast to documentation tags, information tags can more traditionally be
considered pure "meta-data" for a ledger entry.
@@ -394,13 +394,13 @@ The `GrantLocation` tag is used to indicate that an expense is a grant.  The
value for the tag should indicate the geographical region.  It is recommend
that the geographical reason be identified with the
[ISO 3166-2]( two letter country
code for the country where the grant goes.

This tag is to assist in filing
Form 990, [Schedule I]( and
Form 990, [Schedule I]( and
[Schedule F](

### Account Type Documentation Requirements

Each account type has different documentation requirements.  Based on the
type of the account, it requires a different set of tags.
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