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Note that there is no database of these monikers, so typos can cause
trouble.  However, you could implement checks in
`accounts/config/config-tags.ledger` using a regular expression to verify no
typos have occurred.  This would be somewhat cumbersome, since Ledger CLI
would likely require that the monikers be encoded into a regular expression.
Barring that, the
[integrity of your data should be periodically checked](#checking-integrity-of-tag).
[integrity of your data should be periodically checked](#checking-integrity-of-a-tag).

#### IncomeType Tag

The `IncomeType:` tag is used for all `Income:` accounts.  This refers to the
type of income.  The value of the `IncomeType:` tag is always a string.
Since this particular system is designed for USA non-profit entities who file
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