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@@ -286,25 +286,25 @@ considered pure "meta-data" for a ledger entry.

The `Entity:` tag is required for many types of ledger entries.  The value of
the `Entity:` tag is a unique moniker that identifies the organization,
company, person, or legal entity that is the external party for the

Note that there is no database of these monikers, so typos can cause
trouble.  However, you could implement checks in
`accounts/config/config-tags.ledger` using a regular expression to verify no
typos have occurred.  This would be somewhat cumbersome, since Ledger CLI
would likely require that the monikers be encoded into a regular expression.
Barring that, the
[integrity of your data should be periodically checked](#checking-integrity-of-tag).
[integrity of your data should be periodically checked](#checking-integrity-of-a-tag).

#### IncomeType Tag

The `IncomeType:` tag is used for all `Income:` accounts.  This refers to the
type of income.  The value of the `IncomeType:` tag is always a string.
Since this particular system is designed for USA non-profit entities who file
USA Form 990, the following `IncomeType` values are supported:

* `Donations`, which refers to standard charitable donations.

* `RBI`, which refers to "related business income".

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