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Joar Wandborg
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The information on this page is preliminary, open for comments.

## Links

* [[!wikipedia Apache_OFBiz]] - Wikipedia
* <> - Project homepage

> Apache OFBiz (The Apache Open For Business Project) is an open source enterprise automation software project licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. By open source enterprise automation we mean: Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Open Source CRM (Customer RelationShip Management), Open Source E-Business / E-Commerce, Open Source SCM (Supply Chain Management), Open Source MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning), Open Source CMMS/EAM (Maintenance Management System/Enterprise Asset Management), Open Source POS (Point Of Sale), and so on.
> -- Project homepage

## Technical

* Java
* Jython
* Groovy

-- [[!wikipedia Apache_OFBiz#Open_Source_Libraries]]

## Preliminary evaluation

### Positive

* [Active development](
* Highly [Customizable](
* Seems well-documented

### Negative

* [In transitional phase](
* One tool for everything, possibly hard to streamline. <> points to the contrary.

### Comments

Josh Berkus: there's no question that OFBiz could be customized into an NPO accounting program; it is tremendously customizable.  It is also, however, difficult and complex to install, maintain, or understand, and lacks the kind of documentation and existing user community required to support advanced usages from non-project-participants; we would need the direct assistance of the primary developers to accomplish anything.  More importantly, it would never be installable in standalone mode on a desktop machine; it would always need to be a server install.  Despite this, if we have 5 front-runners for this project, I think OFBiz should be one of them.