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npo-ledger-cli is in part published to
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npo-ledger-cli is a setup for ledger-cli built for direct project (Model A)
fiscal sponsor NPOs. It enables the separation of fund accounts and internal
accounts by using ledger's hierarchical account namespaces.

npo-ledger-cli uses ledger-cli to attach metadata such as invoices, receipts to a transaction.

## Technical

- Uses [[Ledger]] as a base
- Perl scripts to automate tasks

## Preliminary evaluation

Documentation provided in
Users may benefit from familiarity with ledger-cli.

### Positive

- Built on ledger-cli, inherits much of the flexibility of ledger-cli.
- Stored in plain text files, easy to collaborate over a distributed version control system.

### Negative

- The skills of a collaborative software developer will be necessary for any
accountant wanting to collaborate.