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Don't put any text in the <a> with only id so that the class isn't need in CSS.

<joar> you should change it to <a id="foo"></a>Generating reports
<joar> so, just create an empty <a> tag before the anchor target
<bkuhn> is that really the "right way" to do it?
<joar> it's the generally accepted way
<bkuhn> oh, ok.
<joar> it's the way sphinx does it, for example
<joar> I think wikipedia does the same
Directly quoting bkuhn from #npoacct @

    │17:31:34 bkuhn | oh, reason is easy: in the USA, any bookkeeping system that isn't double-entry would   │    
    │               | likely not be considered appropriate GAAP                                              │    
    │17:31:50 bkuhn | you can link GAAP to                                                                   │    
    │               |                  │    
    │17:31:54 bkuhn | GAAP is an odd thing.                                                                  │    
    │17:31:58 bkuhn | It's not the "law"                                                                     │              
    │17:32:10 bkuhn | but accountants would tell the IRS "we think something bad is going on" if you didn't  │    
    │               | follow GAAP                                                                            │    
    │17:32:20 bkuhn | Also, GAAP isn't a list of rules.                                                      │    
    │17:32:29 bkuhn | It's basically 'rough consensus' of accountants                                        │    
    │17:33:08 bkuhn | So, it's somewhere in between "implicit norm" and the "law"                            │    
    │17:33:27 bkuhn | in the sense that you'd probably loose your non-profit status from the IRS if your     │    
    │               | auditors said you weren't following GAAP   

For convenience: [[!wikipedia Generally_accepted_accounting_principles]] [wikipedia]